Monday, August 22, 2011

An update and a recap..

I apologize for not updating sooner..  I've been all over the tri-state area looking for them. Not surprisingly,  I turned up nothing.  I didn't bother with a police report because they would have just said they cant do anything being as she left of her own free will.  I checked her credit card,  no purchases made on it.  Also checked the cellphone bill,  no calls placed.  I cracked her password for her Android Market account and attempted to push-install one of those 'find my phone' apps to her phone, but apparently she has it off..

I'm a bit annoyed by her sudden departure honestly.  I can understand her wanting to protect the kid...but what was there to protect her from?  Other than a few odd occurrences we've had around here that could be explained by normal means,  honestly nothing BAD has happened to us.  It seems like everyone 'He' goes after saw him as a kid.  Well I don't remember any tall suited man playing with me in the woods,  and i'm pretty sure she would have brought it up in one of the NUMEROUS arguments we had on the subject.  Christ.. Its not like i'd let anything happen to her if shit was hitting the fan anyway.  That woman KNOWS I would die for either of them before I let someone harm a hair on their heads...  I swear though,  if anything happens to either of them while they are off running around..god and every other deity out there help whomever did it if I get my hands on them..

What the hell is she going to do out there on her own?  With no money?  None of her family or friends that I could get a hold of down in Florida OR in Canada have seen her, so she isn't bumming a couch off them or anything.  I considered calling kiddo's birth-father,  but I reconsidered.  Probably would be pretty bad idea to call and say 'oh hey have you seen them?'.  Heh..

*sighs*  Well,  on another note.  I saw the video that Cairo posted.  I guess he was telling the truth after all about just trying to get some information..but i'm still going to be keeping an eye on him.  He's been contacting me by a means I wont state since he's got some heat after him...but he sends me a picture now and then with a newspaper showing where he's at.  I guess it is meant to honor his word of keeping me posted as to where he is at.  He's a good guy... I really hope all that other shit was just a temporary thing.

Now on to the recap portion of this post.  I've received a number of messages asking me what set Xzes off.  I realize now that some people don't follow the twitter,  so I went back and took some screen shots of the posts which lead up to the video that set her off.
July 24th - Approx 11:00pm

July 24th - Approx 11:01pm

July 25th - Approx 2:55am
I left the house immediately after posting this.

July 25th - Approx 4:30pm

I might go silent again for awhile if I head back out on the road looking for them,  but I will attempt to update when I can.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another roadblock..


I swear I looked at these pictures when I took them..

They were clear as day...yet now you can barely make them out..   I'm going to post them anyway on the off chance that.. Shit,  I don't even know anymore.  I'm sure she doesn't want to be found,  and i'm relatively sure she's safe.  Nothing happened around here yet other than that psuedo break-in months ago.  Since I changed the locks there hasn't been any problems.  I just wish she would get a hold of me,  just talk to me..

*sighs*  Sorry for the woe is me shit there.  Anyway,  here are the pictures.  If, on the off chance you see her, please don't approach her yourself as she'll likely just freak out and bolt.  Just send me a message or something and let me know where you saw her.  I appreciate it.


P.S.  There is also some video footage I shot on the same day out as the photos, but it is even MORE fucked up than those are...going to try and clean it up a bit and see if any of it is salvageable.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In search of...

I woke up early this afternoon... They were both already gone.  I tried to track them down,  looked all over town but I know that was a futile effort.  She wouldn't stay around here,  especially if she didn't feel safe.  What worries me is what she was going on about in that post.  She always mentioned how she moved around a lot but never really got into the reasoning why.  What the hell weren't you telling me Xzes?!  What did you know that you didn't confide in me about??

As for Dark Journal/Forgotten Throne....  Keep playing your little games.  I'm definitely not in the proper mindset right now that i'd really advise fucking around with me.

I'll try to post a picture later on of Xzes so that if anyone see's her they can contact me and I can have a rough idea of where she is..


Monday, July 25, 2011

I told you to leave it alone...

I noticed Heller leave the house in a hurry last night. I watched his video and read his messages to you all. Did you know if I hadn't been partly awake I wouldn't have had any idea where he went or why he left? Lucky for me he didn't lock up his computer. I blame you all for him running around like this... Now I have to start moving all over again, to think I finally thought it was going to be fine once I left all the other times... Sorry Heller, I will admit you are right about one thing. It's not the more you know about him, it's the more WHO know about him...

It was easier before, people were not missing left and right. He couldn't do the amount of damage he does now... I blame the fucking internet, if people would have just kept him off of it... it wouldn't be this bad.... But I am side tracking. This is all your fault, every one of you I lay blame for him becoming like this... I have to finish packing my daughters clothes now, she is going to miss Heller, our dog, and all her stuff. However I will not have him come after her, I will save her before Heller attracts more attention to our home.

Heller... I love you but I am sorry I can not go through this again...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, I did say that I would elaborate tonight,  so here I go.

Last night, around 2am,  I took our dog for his last walk of the night.  Generally pretty uneventful.  We walk, he does his business, we walk a bit more and head home.  Our neighborhood is pretty set back in the woods so its pretty peaceful.  No connecting roads for there to be a bunch of traffic, one road in one road out.  Last night...was anything but our normal walk.  I leashed him up, grabbed my light, and we headed out.  Right off the bat I noticed he was a little antsy.  I thought it was because he had to take a leak,  but he kept pulling me back away from the woods.  He usually loves to sniff around over there and hunt rabbits,  so the fact that he was pulling me AWAY from there was a bit confusing.  I didn't feel like arguing with him, so we took a different route than usual.  Thats when I noticed the next thing that was out of place.  It was dead silent.  There's always, ALWAYS, another dog barking, or some birds rustling around in the trees or something.  Some sort of noise.  The only thing I heard was a slight breeze.  This raised the hairs on my neck something fierce.  I suddenly wished I had a little more than my work stanley knife in my pocket.  I told myself I was being stupid and pushed my nervousness aside, but quickened my step a bit to get back to the house.  Something about a locked door makes everything feel better eh?  Even though we were taking a different route, we had to go back past that spot in the woods.  The pup didn't like this much at all.  Just as we were walking by he turned, stopped and posted up (anyone who has had a pitbull knows what they look like when they're in their ready stance).  He began this low growl that I haven't ever heard him use.  He sounded afraid.  Suddenly,  there was this sound from the woods.  I swear to god it sounded like these...I don't know... guttural and animalistic roars.  It sounded like multiple pitches mixed together but from the direction and the consistency.  I really do think whatever it was,  it was one creature.  I also heard the screaming of rabbits dying.  Yes, plural.  There had to be a couple from what I heard. That means whatever it was gathered up a few rabbits and was killing them all at once.  I know a lot about local wildlife, and I have never heard of anything that makes a noise like that,  especially one that hunts down multiple prey and keeps them alive to kill all at once...  I grabbed the leash tight and we both booked it home like our asses were on fire.  I slammed the door shut and locked it up.  Xzes asked me what was wrong.  I just told her we ran across a skunk and ran so we wouldn't get sprayed. 

...I know what it probably was,  but honestly I don't want to say it.


I'll post more when I figure this all out.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taking the good with the bad

Well apparently I get to mention some good news for once.  We have finally gotten news that M is still alive and apparently in relatively good shape.  A girl(?) named 'Blondie' found him passed out in a library and took him to get patched up.  She then proceeded to take him back to her place for a little additional recovery time.  I personally think that, in his case at least, staying there this long is a bad idea.... but,  maybe thats what he needs.  A little bit of time in a friendly place to get patched up.  Kids been running longer than anyone.  He deserves a rest..  Hopefully he can actually get one this time.

Last I saw,  Zeke was still in Maryland.  Celeste is apparently pretty banged up.  She seems like a tough girl though...but hard headed as hell.  I know Wren isn't the most trustworthy guy in the world,  but if Zeke is willing to put his faith in him thats good enough for me.  I guess she cant see that for herself however.

Jake is still missing... however he, or someone using his name,  has been posting on his twitter.  For Josh's sake I really hope its Jake and not someone trying to lure him in.  He seems a bit desperate at this point, and honestly I don't know if Josh really knows what he's in the middle of.  Flying blind in shit like this can be hazardous to your health, thats for damn sure..  I'll be honest... I feel quite badly about not going to look for Jake myself.  He and I conversed quite a bit and I tried to give him the best advice I could...but there's only so much someone can do when there's this much distance in between them.  All I can do right now is hope for the best.

Cairo is back.  Since he was released from custody he has put out a new compilation.  I still don't know what to make of the whole ordeal surrounding him.  On one hand,  I WANT to trust the guy.  I really do.  But trust is a valuable commodity in this little community of ours,  and the value of his has been shaken a bit.  I'm going to continue to reserve judgement on him till a later date.

Jesus Christ,  TJ and Amy stepped straight into the fucking frying pan didn't they?  As I sat down to write this, I was alerted that TJ was attacked tonight.  Something jumped her in the parking lot and puked some black shit into her mouth.  God knows what the hell that is!  Poor girl might have GhonnaSyphaHerpaAidsaTitus now or something.  Her knife is missing so it seems she might have stuck whatever the fuck it was that got her though...  Tall, pale and fashionable sure is rounding up an impressive stable of cohorts lately isn't he?  Those girls need to get out of there as soon as possible.  Even if they just start driving in some arbitrary direction.

Those are all the updates I can honestly think of right now for everyone else involved..  I guess I will move on to whats been going on with me.  Nothing too exciting honestly,  and i'm thankful of that.  However, my nerves and paranoia have been getting the best of me from time to time.  We had a really nasty fog bank roll through a few nights ago and  I swear I saw things moving in the fog as I drove down the back roads.  I stopped once or twice to investigate but there was nothing there.  I need to start calming down and just taking a deep breath from time to time.

Now that I think about it,  there WAS one slightly odd occurrence lately.  I had gone to Walmart late one night (it seems all late night trips end up at Walmart...) earlier this week.  It was somewhere around 2:30 or 3:00am.  As I was leaving the store and walking out to the car,  a strange looking man got out of a new looking F150 and began to approach me.  He walked up and said excuse me,  to which I asked him what he needed.  He asked if I lived in the area.  I used my stock response of 'somewhat' (even though I am only about 10 minutes away from said Walmart) which I always say when odd people ask me if I live here.  I looked him over,  he looked dirty and disheveled.  His clothes were covered in paint and dirt, possibly wood dust.  He proceeded to tell me that he was from West Chester PA and was traveling to Cape May NJ.  He said his truck was almost out of gas, and that none of the gas stations around would take his credit card number without the card available.  This red flagged to me, why would he know his card number if he didn't have his card?  I know I sure as hell don't know my numbers by heart.  At the time I chalked it up as a junkie trying to scam some cash for crack or some cans of spray paint...but something about him didn't set right with me.  The way he just sorta paused and looked me over, sizing me up.  I know he didn't plan on jumping me because I was quite a bit bigger than him and there were lots of people outside (it was apparently break time).  Again,  like I said I HAVE been letting my nerves get the best of me but I swear I got a chill up my spine like this guy knew who I was and was just probing me for something.  After I apologized and told him I couldn't help him out due to lack of cash myself,  I jumped in my car and hauled ass out of t he parking lot before he could get rolling.  I also made sure to take a mildly convoluted way home.  That creepy feeling I got just wouldn't let go and I did NOT want him to be following me home.

Other than that...Like I said, everything has been quite calm.  Well....other than the  plague of stink bugs.. *laughs*  But thats a story for another night.

Until next time...   -Hellershanks