Sunday, February 20, 2011

Current events

Sad to say the only reason I am using the blog to say this (and finally break it in to boot),  is that what I wanted to say was just too damned long for Twitter.

Oh well,  on with it I suppose.

I don't wish to read too much into this..  However I DO wish to put it out there as my memory is quite frankly shit and things such as these are good to remember.

Some of you who read this may have already met my girlfriend Xzes (Obvious alias is obvious?).   She came out to my place of work Friday night (2/18/11 for records sake) to pick me up after my shift.   We then proceeded to go out for a few hours before returning home.  That is when we noticed something odd.  She had locked both the locks on our front door when she left,  the bottom standard exterior keyed knob lock,  and the upper deadbolt.  However,  when we returned home,  the upper lock was now unlocked.   She found this quite disturbing,  so I gathered my bat which I keep next to my computer and close to the door and I proceeded to check the house for intruders.  Both bathrooms, our room, the laundry room and the child's room (she was with a relative for the night).  Nothing was out of place,  and the dog seemed quite calm and unaffected.   Calming down a bit thinking she had simply left the door unlocked,  Xzes went to open the window to fetch a soda (Winter in Jersey makes the outdoors a natural storage area for drinks).  She then became even more unnerved when she discovered that the window too was unlocked.  That for sure we both knew was locked all day.  We searched the entire house once again to see if anything seemed out of place or missing.  Jewelry, electronics, everything was accounted for.  Xzes hasn't been able to sleep since.  Like I said,  i'm not going to jump to conclusions but it does seem that someone was in our house and that someone was able to calm our Pittbull down enough that he or she didn't get torn into.

Well,  thats about all I had to report.  If anything else out of the ordinary comes to pass, i'll likely mention it on here.  Also,  I will attempt to start using this blog for its ACTUAL purpose as well.

                                                                                                      -- Hellershanks