Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally getting around to it..

Well,  its been awhile since I made the first post on this blog.   I figure its about damn time I make one that is actually on-topic!

Recently,  I have been able to have conversations with some of the parties concerned.  Most notable, Jake, Doc Cairo and Zeke Strahm.  Also, I have been in contact with a few other people such as The HYBRID's and Noah Maxwell,  though to much less of a degree.  There are many others as well that I have kept an eye on,  but I have refrained from attempting direct contact at the present as I feel it may be detrimental to either their, or my, personal safety.

I worry about Jake most of all out of everyone I have been keeping an eye on.   I see the things going on around him slowly eating away at his mental well being.  This could potentially be more dangerous for him than anything else,  but I will touch on that further into this posting.  I have personally conversed with him on numerous occasions,  attempting to help him get his head on straight despite the madness of everything going on around him.  I feel as if Mark being killed and Noreen's subsequent suicide may have nearly pushed him over the edge.  Thankfully Josh and Matt seem to be getting him up and around again.  Things are definitely too close to him and I agree with Cairo's statement that they should run - even though I know they are unable.  All I can do is keep watching them and hope that my words of encouragement keeps Jake in the proper mindset to be sharp and on his toes.  Very little could be more dangerous in his situation than letting ones guard  down.

Zeke is a rare case indeed.  Someone with the balls to rail against this thing and fight back?  Now thats a guy to admire.  My only issue is that he seems to be getting so clouded in figuring it all out and getting his revenge that he's becoming a little lax on watching his back.  Just recently while scoping out Damien's old house he saw something outside peering in at him.  I commented that I thought it might be the dark haired girl that he had seen earlier in town watching him.  If a single young girl can tail him without him realizing,  who else could be on his ass?  I informed him that I felt he needs to sharpen back up and get those cop senses going so that some crazed cultist fuck with a can't pop out from behind a door and end his journey prematurely.  Beyond that,  he continues to amaze me with finding lead after lead.  I just hope this isn't a breadcrumb trail left to lead him to... eh... I don't even want to think about it really.  If there's anyone I would want to watch my back though,  its him.  He and I finally got to talk directly during that interesting gathering a few days ago.  It seems that he enjoyed having a moment to slow down and simply be able to talk over the shit going on with another person.  I was glad to be able to provide at least that for him.

Doc Cairo and I converse on an on and off basis using any number of methods.  Notably twitter and blogger. However,  a few days ago during the massive gathering in the Angora chat,  he and I got to talk directly,   albeit for only a few moments.  During the conversation,  we ended up treading onto a theory I have had for quite some time since I began to take a notice in what was going on.  I derived it from things I had heard from the quintessential runner M (whom I hope is still out there running,  despite potential evidence otherwise with his last official update at 3:21pm - December 23rd 2010..), along with others.  It theorize that "He" cant just walk up and take whomever he pleases.  Sure,  his proxies have free reign,  but for "him" to actually be able to harm you?  Well.. I think you have to snap.  I think mentally you have to be broken,  or at least driven to the point you fully give up.  Think about it.  M talked about the young girl he met at the cabin.  Plagued by "Him" for weeks,  possibly months,  but never taken till she finally couldn't handle it anymore.  The same with poor Elizabeth.  She gave up and went down to him.  I can think of numerous other people taken in the same manner.  Noah's cousin Milo,  M's brother, and countless others.  All driven to the brink of madness,  or at least to the point where they finally said the hell with it.  Maybe "He's" not all powerful.  Maybe there actually IS a trick to this.  However,  in Mark's case,  it seems if "He" cant get to you when "He" wishes,  a proxy is more than capable of handling that task.  Cairo seemed intrigued by this theory,  and I personally feel it holds weight.  Sadly,  quite soon after finishing that part of the conversation,  Doc had more pressing matters to attend to.   However I am confident that he and I will get to speak about other possibilities down the road.  Assuming he can stay a step ahead of his Benefactor.

Within a few days I expect to have a video up on my Youtube channel basically just to introduce myself a bit better.  I may end up flip-flopping between here and there as far as doing my posts,  mainly because I have my days where I am incapable of concentrating long enough to type up a wall of text.  Whenever that goes up,  I will make sure to link it here.

Till next time..

                                                                                         -- Hellershanks