Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, I did say that I would elaborate tonight,  so here I go.

Last night, around 2am,  I took our dog for his last walk of the night.  Generally pretty uneventful.  We walk, he does his business, we walk a bit more and head home.  Our neighborhood is pretty set back in the woods so its pretty peaceful.  No connecting roads for there to be a bunch of traffic, one road in one road out.  Last night...was anything but our normal walk.  I leashed him up, grabbed my light, and we headed out.  Right off the bat I noticed he was a little antsy.  I thought it was because he had to take a leak,  but he kept pulling me back away from the woods.  He usually loves to sniff around over there and hunt rabbits,  so the fact that he was pulling me AWAY from there was a bit confusing.  I didn't feel like arguing with him, so we took a different route than usual.  Thats when I noticed the next thing that was out of place.  It was dead silent.  There's always, ALWAYS, another dog barking, or some birds rustling around in the trees or something.  Some sort of noise.  The only thing I heard was a slight breeze.  This raised the hairs on my neck something fierce.  I suddenly wished I had a little more than my work stanley knife in my pocket.  I told myself I was being stupid and pushed my nervousness aside, but quickened my step a bit to get back to the house.  Something about a locked door makes everything feel better eh?  Even though we were taking a different route, we had to go back past that spot in the woods.  The pup didn't like this much at all.  Just as we were walking by he turned, stopped and posted up (anyone who has had a pitbull knows what they look like when they're in their ready stance).  He began this low growl that I haven't ever heard him use.  He sounded afraid.  Suddenly,  there was this sound from the woods.  I swear to god it sounded like these...I don't know... guttural and animalistic roars.  It sounded like multiple pitches mixed together but from the direction and the consistency.  I really do think whatever it was,  it was one creature.  I also heard the screaming of rabbits dying.  Yes, plural.  There had to be a couple from what I heard. That means whatever it was gathered up a few rabbits and was killing them all at once.  I know a lot about local wildlife, and I have never heard of anything that makes a noise like that,  especially one that hunts down multiple prey and keeps them alive to kill all at once...  I grabbed the leash tight and we both booked it home like our asses were on fire.  I slammed the door shut and locked it up.  Xzes asked me what was wrong.  I just told her we ran across a skunk and ran so we wouldn't get sprayed. 

...I know what it probably was,  but honestly I don't want to say it.


I'll post more when I figure this all out.