Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another roadblock..


I swear I looked at these pictures when I took them..

They were clear as day...yet now you can barely make them out..   I'm going to post them anyway on the off chance that.. Shit,  I don't even know anymore.  I'm sure she doesn't want to be found,  and i'm relatively sure she's safe.  Nothing happened around here yet other than that psuedo break-in months ago.  Since I changed the locks there hasn't been any problems.  I just wish she would get a hold of me,  just talk to me..

*sighs*  Sorry for the woe is me shit there.  Anyway,  here are the pictures.  If, on the off chance you see her, please don't approach her yourself as she'll likely just freak out and bolt.  Just send me a message or something and let me know where you saw her.  I appreciate it.


P.S.  There is also some video footage I shot on the same day out as the photos, but it is even MORE fucked up than those are...going to try and clean it up a bit and see if any of it is salvageable.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In search of...

I woke up early this afternoon... They were both already gone.  I tried to track them down,  looked all over town but I know that was a futile effort.  She wouldn't stay around here,  especially if she didn't feel safe.  What worries me is what she was going on about in that post.  She always mentioned how she moved around a lot but never really got into the reasoning why.  What the hell weren't you telling me Xzes?!  What did you know that you didn't confide in me about??

As for Dark Journal/Forgotten Throne....  Keep playing your little games.  I'm definitely not in the proper mindset right now that i'd really advise fucking around with me.

I'll try to post a picture later on of Xzes so that if anyone see's her they can contact me and I can have a rough idea of where she is..


Monday, July 25, 2011

I told you to leave it alone...

I noticed Heller leave the house in a hurry last night. I watched his video and read his messages to you all. Did you know if I hadn't been partly awake I wouldn't have had any idea where he went or why he left? Lucky for me he didn't lock up his computer. I blame you all for him running around like this... Now I have to start moving all over again, to think I finally thought it was going to be fine once I left all the other times... Sorry Heller, I will admit you are right about one thing. It's not the more you know about him, it's the more WHO know about him...

It was easier before, people were not missing left and right. He couldn't do the amount of damage he does now... I blame the fucking internet, if people would have just kept him off of it... it wouldn't be this bad.... But I am side tracking. This is all your fault, every one of you I lay blame for him becoming like this... I have to finish packing my daughters clothes now, she is going to miss Heller, our dog, and all her stuff. However I will not have him come after her, I will save her before Heller attracts more attention to our home.

Heller... I love you but I am sorry I can not go through this again...