Monday, August 22, 2011

An update and a recap..

I apologize for not updating sooner..  I've been all over the tri-state area looking for them. Not surprisingly,  I turned up nothing.  I didn't bother with a police report because they would have just said they cant do anything being as she left of her own free will.  I checked her credit card,  no purchases made on it.  Also checked the cellphone bill,  no calls placed.  I cracked her password for her Android Market account and attempted to push-install one of those 'find my phone' apps to her phone, but apparently she has it off..

I'm a bit annoyed by her sudden departure honestly.  I can understand her wanting to protect the kid...but what was there to protect her from?  Other than a few odd occurrences we've had around here that could be explained by normal means,  honestly nothing BAD has happened to us.  It seems like everyone 'He' goes after saw him as a kid.  Well I don't remember any tall suited man playing with me in the woods,  and i'm pretty sure she would have brought it up in one of the NUMEROUS arguments we had on the subject.  Christ.. Its not like i'd let anything happen to her if shit was hitting the fan anyway.  That woman KNOWS I would die for either of them before I let someone harm a hair on their heads...  I swear though,  if anything happens to either of them while they are off running around..god and every other deity out there help whomever did it if I get my hands on them..

What the hell is she going to do out there on her own?  With no money?  None of her family or friends that I could get a hold of down in Florida OR in Canada have seen her, so she isn't bumming a couch off them or anything.  I considered calling kiddo's birth-father,  but I reconsidered.  Probably would be pretty bad idea to call and say 'oh hey have you seen them?'.  Heh..

*sighs*  Well,  on another note.  I saw the video that Cairo posted.  I guess he was telling the truth after all about just trying to get some information..but i'm still going to be keeping an eye on him.  He's been contacting me by a means I wont state since he's got some heat after him...but he sends me a picture now and then with a newspaper showing where he's at.  I guess it is meant to honor his word of keeping me posted as to where he is at.  He's a good guy... I really hope all that other shit was just a temporary thing.

Now on to the recap portion of this post.  I've received a number of messages asking me what set Xzes off.  I realize now that some people don't follow the twitter,  so I went back and took some screen shots of the posts which lead up to the video that set her off.
July 24th - Approx 11:00pm

July 24th - Approx 11:01pm

July 25th - Approx 2:55am
I left the house immediately after posting this.

July 25th - Approx 4:30pm

I might go silent again for awhile if I head back out on the road looking for them,  but I will attempt to update when I can.



  1. The scary thing about childhood memories is sometimes they go away. So you don't remember playing with a tall suited man in the woods... doesn't mean you didn't do it. I'm not sure why he goes after people when they're kids and then lets them stew for a decade or so, except maybe it's like priming the pump or planting a seed.

  2. Just thought you shoudl know if you don't. Your buddy Cairo is a villain now...

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